Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Adyapeath

A brief background

The founder of Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Adyapeath is Sree Sree Annada Thakur, an Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner by profession who discovered seven patent medicines for various diseases and became renowned as a doctor all over Bengal. Later on, under the blessings and commands of Ramkrishna Paramhangsha Dev, Annada Thakur established the Dakshineswar Ramakrishna Sangha Adyapeath near Calcutta for the care of the poor and downtrodden. Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha is now looked upon as one of the holiest of holy places, not only in West Bengal, but far beyond its borders. The temple of Sree Sree Adya Maa attracts the notice of all. Inside the main temple three altars are one above the other, are the statues of Ramkrishnadev, Goddess Adya Maa and a dual image of Radha and Krishna within a Pranab (Aum). Thousands of pilgrims and visitors assemble here daily to offer their prayers and pay obeisance the daily food offerings, irrespective of class, race of creed. Devotional songs and discourses are held every day in the “Natmandir” adjoining the temple. Sree Annada Thakur proclaimed the theory of universal brotherhood. He declared us to be the sons and daughters of the same Mother. Every monk in the Sangha is thus addressed as “Bhai” (Brother). Above all, the temple proclaimed the unity and harmony between all religions.

In accordance to Ramkrishnadev’s command, a number of philanthropic and social services were established by the Sangha.

  1. An orphanage for boys – Adyapeath Balak Ashram: Presently 550 orphan boys are housed and educated at the orphanage.
  1. An orphanage for girls-Dakshineswar Balika Ashram: Presently 750 orphan girls are housed and educated here with the aim of disseminating Sanskrit education and traditional culture.
  1. The monasteries – Sadhak Ashram & Sadhika Ashram: There are two monasteries (Ashrams) housing 250 members, apart from each other, for the male and female aspirants who would like to dedicate their lives in the service of suffering
  1. Old age homes-Banaprasta Ashram: Two old age homes with 350 occupants each are maintained for retired old men and women by the Sangha.
  1. Home for widows -Adyapeath Matri Ashram: One hundred fifty helpless women, bereft of husbands of children, willing to lead a religious life are housed and fed free of cost.
  1. Charitable Dispensary: An out-patients clinic has been set up with facilities for X-rays, E.C.G., Ultra Sound and Pathology, Dental and ophthalmic treatment. Medicines are supplied free to patients. 5mobile dispensaries for rural areas and 10 ambulances provided round the clock as a service to the poor.
  1. Feeding and clothing the poor-Nara Narayan Seva: The feeding of the poor and the destitute in the name of God is one of the principal items in the list of charitable activities of the Sangha. Food is distributed to about three to five hundred poor people every day irrespective of caste and creed. Articles of clothing are distributed to poor people on various occasions throughout the year.
  1. Boys School-Dakshineswar Adyapeath Annada Vidyamandir: This educational institute is hallowed by the memory of Annada Thakur founder of the Sangha. Five hundred boys are educated free of costs up to class XII in a Higher Secondary School.
  1. Adyapeath Annada Primary School: A basic Primary Scheme for boys.
  1. Girls School-Monikuntala Balika Vidyalay: This educational institute is hallowed by the memory of Monikutala Devi, mother of the Sangha. Six hundred girls are educated free of cost up to class XII in a Higher Secondary School.
  1. Sanskrit College-Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya: A Sanskrit educational institution (Tol) one of the biggest ‘Chatuspathi’ has been set up within the premises of the girl’s school where free, basic Sanskrit teachings are given to 300 students.
  1. Guests-(Atithi Seva): “A hungry guest should never be refused”. Annada Thakur with this ideal, every guest is served with food (prasadam) and 300 to1000 on average such devotees are served daily.
  1. Services during natural disasters and calamities: The Sangha serves the destitute during natural calamities like floods. Cyclones and earthquakes with its best possible capacity.
  2. Hospital Project: Pursuing the divine dream of our founder, we have started a project to build a well equipped 100 bed hospital for treating patients with contagious and infectious diseases. The estimated cost of this project is over five crore rupees (1.4 million US$). The foundation was laid by the acting chief minister of West Bengal. We are collecting donation at home and abroad to fulfil this commitment.
  3. “Teachers Training Institute” and Library at Balika Ashram
  1. Daksnineswar Adyapeath Annada B.Ed. College.
  1. Hearse (Dead body carrier) -Provided Round the clock.
  2. Having no other source of income, the Sangha has to depend solely on contributions from thousands of devotees at home and abroad to meet the daily expenses of Rs.100000/-($2000 approx). Every devotee is welcome to pay us a visit and to extend kind co-operation in the matter of our financial needs and other requirements of the Sangha. The Sangha shall remain ever grateful to them for their acts of kindness and generosity and offer their sincere prayers to the Divine Mother to give them perpetual

Peace and happiness. not only in this life, but hereafter.

  1. Sree Annada Thakur used to say, “I have started a carnival of service. Stay with it and you will be gratified. If you even now a blade of grass for this organization I will be with you to the ultimate end.
  2. Let goodness prevail. Let everyone be happy and healthy. Let all behold the Supreme beauty. Let everyone live in misery. Let there be peace all around this earth. Aum Shanti, Jai Maa.
  3. President: Brahmachari Riten Bhai,

          General Secretary: Brahmachari Mural Bhai

  1. Our Latest Project:


Approved by the All India Council For Technical Education.; Affiliated to the West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education  and Skill Devolopment.

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