Vision & Mission


 Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Aadyapeath, the parent body of today’s Annada polytechnic college was primarily set up as a charitable institution to extend social service to the distressed humanity irrespective of cast, creed, color or religion. Its main concept in rendering social service based on the principal of communal harmony is to eradicate poverty among the distressed people. For this purpose the organization has taken up a varied programmed for helping the poor and the downtrodden by setting up orphanages, school, college, dispensary and old age homes etc. Out of these programmers spreading of education both for general and technical student has taken up a major attention of the organization.


 The present atmosphere of Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Aadyapeath is throbbing with multiple activities including setting up of primary, secondary, Higher Secondary Schools for boys and girls, college of P.T.T.I., B.Ed., Computer Engineering, and Sanskrit language. Now it has opened up an avenue for technical studies for poor students of the society by setting up a technical (polytechnic College) inside the campus. This is an achievement on the pant of the members of the parent organization for their relentless effort in striving the best way to serve the people. Virtually it has made Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Aadyapeath a centre of educational activities in the sphere of “General &  Technical” education in this society. In the today’s society we need technical people more for the different projects coming up in county. This Polytechnic College would go a long way in helping poor section of students to earn their livelihood.